Seeing as how Halloween is almost upon us, it is time to fill your house with a couple of delectable little ghost treats. Whereas most people will be driving up to the local store for candy, you need some original DIY Halloween treats to beat the melee. The great thing is that the treat ideas below are as delicious as they are fun. What is more, they are so easy to conjure that you really don’t have a reason not to make them. Add a spark of mayhem to your menu with the following tips and everyone will be raving about your creativity till Christmas.

1. Cornbread Ghosts

Cornbread ghosts come up as the first of these DIY treat ideas for Halloween. Kid-friendly and easy to make, this is the perfect comfort food favorite to fall back on. As part of the general decorations, use Milano cookies to make tombstone figures and write such spooky things as BOO and RIP on them.

The cornbread pudding squash will work particularly well with peanut butter brookies (peanut butter cookies plus brownies). As you will soon realize, the combination will be gobbled up faster than you can say SCREAM! In case there are any leftovers, you can toast up the ghosts and serve them as savory snacks the day after Halloween.

2. Herbed Cheese Dip with Crudités

So, how do you make this interesting of DIY treat ideas for Halloween? Start by blending lemon juice, red pepper, garlic, capers, olives, tomatoes, and cream cheese in a food processor. Then, season the mixture with pepper and salt before stirring in some basil. Scrape it all into a piping bag fitted with a star or a plain tip and seal the bag.

Once you’ve got it all in, pipe the savory cheese dip on your favorite raw veggies before serving. The snacks will look even more professional when you use a pastry bag (with a tip, of course) to do the piping.

3. Pumpkin Polenta Pumpkins

The third of these DIY treat ideas for Halloween involves a fall favorite. Did you know you can do more with your pumpkins than turn them into pies? This staple can also be used in satisfying risotto and creamy soups, among others.

Consider serving pumpkin polenta pumpkins this year and the simple yet savory treats will be all the rage at the holiday gathering. The polenta works best as a finger food or as a side dish during entertainments. Of course, you should take some time to make them look as scary as possible, otherwise the point will be lost.

4. Skewered Eyeballs

Skewered eyeballs make for great bite-size appetizers. This is why they were included into this list of amazing DIY treat ideas for Halloween. Jeepers, creepers, how do you make these plant-based peepers?

All you need are a couple of Italian meatballs customized and perfected to look like eyes. They are easy and quick to make and will be sure to excite everyone who tastes them. Although they look a bit gross, you can be sure that people will be all over them and they will vanish faster than you anticipated. Alternatively, create jelly candy eyeballs for drinks to add that perfect blend of cuteness and creepiness.

5. Graveyard Dip and Bones

The last of the ideas, these spooky graveyard dip and bones will serve as the perfect appetizer. The tasty taco dip works best when made from guacamole. No party will be complete without the ultimate graveyard bean dip for people to dig their bones into. Your party ghouls are sure to ooze and ahh as they dive into this edible cemetery. What is more, you can make the ghostly haunt with 8 layers of dipping fun, which will also serve as the perfect centerpiece until your guests start devouring it.