In the past, tattoos used to be the fringe of society but as the years have gone by, they have become the cultural mainstream. Everyone, young and old are competing to be tattooed and the men, well, they almost do not feel whole unless they have a tattoo inked somewhere on their skin. Now, it is wise to ponder for a while if you are thinking of getting a tattoo because it could result to a permanent blunder and a total dissatisfaction. If you have already weighed all your decisions on why you want a tattoo and the message it will convey on your life, considering it will be permanent, then here are a few things to consider before you get that tattoo inked.

1. The Tattoo Design

The design is normally a personal choice and it is important you get one that you like. You can have the option of a customized tattoo, which might hold more meaning for you, but there are also thousands of different tattoo designs you can choose from on the internet. Online is a good place to compare and the tattoo artists always have some designs to compare in their parlors.

2. The Tattoo Color

Adding color to your tattoo is a part of the design but it changes the aspect quite a lot from the usual black color, which shows more contrast with the skin. This will also depend on your skin sensitivity but it is always best to choose a monotone color over varied colors. Actually, the red color pigment causes more sensitivity even though different people will be affected differently.

3. The Size of the Tattoo

The size usually depends on the design so, if it is intricate enough with a small one, there really is no need for a bigger one even though it seems with men, the bigger the better. If you are having a complex design, then it is best to get a big size so all the details are visible.

4. The Location of the Tattoo

Location is the key. If the tattoo you are bent on getting will raise controversy, it might be wise to have it done on a location that will not be exposed readily. If you want to show it to your loved ones only then have it hidden from the rest of the world. There are other designs that will suit one location and wont on another so, get advice from an artist on the best location for your situation.

5. Budget

Colored tattoos are normally more expensive than the black ones. The size of the tattoo will also determine the cost and you really want to consider why you want to have this tattoo because the cost of having the tattoo removed is definitely much higher than getting a tattoo.

6. Pain

Pain should not be overlooked because it will definitely be there but of course, men do not mind pain, right? Okay, maybe they do a little. Anyway, different body parts will have different amounts of pain because some have thinner skin. Places like ankles and lower back are more painful compared to arms and chest.

7. The Tattoo Parlor

This is more important than most because you will be entrusting your skin to someone else. Make sure it is clean and professional and that you are totally comfortable with it. Just to be sure of yourself, you can always have a temporary tattoo and test it out on different locations to come up with a decision.